June - October 2019
A project for Starbucks Moscow including coffee tasting workshops and excursions, untied with one goal: to invite
new clients and promote coffee shops. Overall it was 10 events and 1500+ visitors.
June 2021
Presentation of the book "Run can't stay" from A. Oleynikov together with the UNHCR Russia Civic Assistance Committee, and the Samokat Publishing House.
Federal Russian action "Night of Museums" at the Russian National museum of music
March 2021

Theater Day in the ”Rovesnik" bar

Together with Stanislavsky Electrotheater and famous theater teachers and directors, we discussed the Biblical theater, studied acting, looked for differences in theatrical techniques and got acquainted with the specifics of the perception of the mystery theater.
March 2020
The project of two Departments of Moscow: Culture and Urban Planning Policy; Included: an excursion, a photo exhibition opening day, an expert lecture hall, an interactive map.
March 2020
This festival is a historical reinterpretation of the last decades in Russia;
Included lectures, workshops, ping-pong tournament and a concert.
May 2021

Film screening "After life" with

a critic review

A closed film screening and discussion of the film "After Life" together with director Ekaterina
Mazukhina took place in a Moscow club "Creative Diaspora".