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Cultural Space is a Dubai-based digital creative agency led by Tamara Mitnitskaya, a seasoned professional hailing from Russia with a rich decade-long background in marketing and event management.

Cultural Space may be a new player in Dubai's creative landscape, but over the past six months, it has already made a significant impact. The agency has successfully collaborated with three local clients, delivering exceptional digital and creative branding solutions.

Agency founder
Tamara Mitnitskaya's passion for creativity, combined with her extensive experience and educational background, is driving Cultural Space towards excellence in the digital creative industry. The agency's commitment to innovation and client satisfaction is paving the way for its continued growth and success in the Dubai market.

Tamara, an energetic professional, holds an MBA from Murdoch University in Australia and a Journalism Degree from Moscow State University. Balancing an active lifestyle, she also dedicates herself to raising a child.
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Cultural Space Logo
The central figures in our logo, entwined to form an eight-pointed star, symbolize the fusion of constructive and creative energies.
This represents our mission to unite individuals from the realms of art and business, creating a shared cultural space for both communities. The choice of orange and purple, hues with royal and traditional significance in the East, embodies our core values: the intergenerational connection and the perpetual vitality of ideas.
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